UK Fuels Card

With over 1,800 multi-branded sites, and extensive HGV coverage, UK Fuels is the fastest growing network of its kind.

This card offers one fixed weekly price for commercial fuel, helping you take control your fuel bill.


Online account management

With UK Fuels you’ll have access to a free online account management system.

  • Manage your cards if they’re lost or stolen
  • Generate transaction reports
  • Produce fuel efficiency with detailed MPG reports for each vehicle

Designed with HGV fleets in mind

With 1,000+ bunker sites, this card lets you choose which supplier you buy from.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of commercial fuel rates with the option to buy on a spot or contract basis.


  • ✔ Fixed weekly price
  • ✔ No minimum spend
  • ✔ Bunker and pay as you go
  • ✔ Petrol at a pump + price


  • ✔ Pin enabled at unmanned sites
  • ✔ Card Blocking
  • ✔ Product Restrictions


  • ✔ 3,500+ sites
  • ✔ Extensive HGV coverage
  • ✔ Free site locator apps, Sat Nav downloads and directories

Apply for a Johnston Fuelcard

You can apply by filling out a Johnston Fuelcard Application Form today.

If you want to talk to us about selecting the card that’s right for your business, just call us on 01506 657 687. We’re open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Alternatively, send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.


Keyfuels Card

With over 1,900 sites and 35 years experience, Keyfuels is the largest commercial network in the UK that offers some of the best fuel card technology on the market.

Shell CRT

Shell’s CRT card is designed around the needs of road hauliers. The Shell CRT network in the UK consists of 1,000+ conveniently located sites.

Shell Fleet Multi

With over 3500 sites, Shell Fleet Multi is the largest network we offer, and the UK’s second largest.