Carbon Offsetting

For those emissions that cannot be avoided, we offer a certified Carbon Offsetting Scheme.

Offset your unavoidable carbon emissions

Carbon Offsetting involves buying a volume of Voluntary Carbon Units reflective of your company’s associated carbon emissions.  This is achieved by funding an equivalent CO2e reduction project.  This is done by existing and well established Carbon Project Developers and provides a pragmatic and cost-effective solution for reducing CO2 emissions that cannot be otherwise avoided.

Offsetting helps compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere. Unlike other carbon reductive solutions, offsetting is a simple, cost-effective approach that can be done without making changes to your vehicles or fuel supply.

We work in partnership with Portland.  Portland’s carbon compensation scheme enables our clients to decarbonise by funding carbon offsetting projects, designed to reduce and prevent CO2 emissions through various sustainable solutions. In addition to emissions benefits, such projects also help to generate employment, develop infrastructure and provide other social benefits to communities in need.

How does it work?

Portland will conduct an initial analysis of your carbon emissions based on fuel usage across a set period, calculating both direct (emitted upon combustion i.e. tailpipe) and indirect (emitted during the fuel production/transport process) emissions using our comprehensive, certified carbon methodology. We will then allocate a selected carbon reduction project, tailored to your specific requirements and issue you with a monthly carbon reduction report and annual certification.

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If you want to talk to us about carbon offsetting for your business, just call us on 01506 657 687. We’re open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Alternatively, send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.

Tyre Management

Johnston Fuelcards work closely with our sister company Soltyre, which offers a comprehensive tyre management service to commercial and agricultural customers throughout the UK.

Why Johnston Fuelcards?

A Johnston fuel card isn’t just the easy way to pay. It’s also your passport to competitive fuel prices and the convenience of over 4,000 sites across the UK. And it’s all backed by the experience, knowledge, helpfulness and reliability that’s enjoyed by every Johnston customer.

Our Fuel Cards

At Johnston Fuelcards we understand that every customer is different. Some need the reassurance of national coverage, or having access to discounted prices every week. For others it’s the convenience of online account management and vehicle performance reports that help with fleet management.